Generaitiv Introduces Custom AI Engagement Bots to Empower Digital Communities Everywhere

Toronto. Canada, 18th January 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, Generaitiv – a decentralized, community-driven AI app store – introduced Custom AI Engagement Bots to provide digital communities with AI image generator bots specifically trained on their content and/or brand imagery. These bots help increase online engagement for communities by posting and spreading unique marketing material organically. Moreover, simple text prompts enable the seamless creation of high-quality, high-quantity content.

Over 10 crypto communities have already integrated Generaitiv Custom AI Bots, including the Plague Frogs NFT community, the $BOB token community, the Vita Inu $VINU token community, and the $NPC token community. Notably, all communities using Generaitiv’s Custom AI Bots have a combined Market Cap of over $100 million USD.

The $NPC token community is a prime example of Generaitiv’s custom AI image generation bot being leveraged to increase brand recognition and awareness through the generation of new and creative pieces featuring a consistent NPC character.  Members of the $NPC token community have used their bot integration to generate over 3,000 images for a community contest over one weekend.

Generaitiv collaborates with numerous creators within the Generaitiv community to train custom AI models and construct new bots. This partnership allows external communities to reap the rewards of an engagement bot without distraction from their internal goals. Generaitiv provides a full-service bot offering, meaning everything from AI model fine-tuning to bot infrastructure is provided in an intuitive, plug and play bundle.

The platform believes custom AI bots can create compelling customized images bespoke for their communities, helping increase engagement both internally and externally. Generaitiv encourages members of digital communities everywhere to “generait their imagination and list for sale in seconds.”

The $GAI Token

$GAI is the token powering the Generaitiv ecosystem It plays a key role, allowing users to access high-value features on the platform without requiring any expenditure. Communities can use $GAI to unlock access to a variety of on-platform features including custom AI model training. The Generaitiv team has big plans for $GAI, making it the cornerstone of the future decentralized network. The token initially launched as an L1 Ethereum token with a total supply of 10 million units, of which 7 million tokens deposited for liquidity.

$GAI aims to solve the problems with centralized and non-interoperable systems currently implemented by popular AI platforms. Token holders will use $GAI to interact with various AI models available on Generaitiv. Meanwhile, AI Bots creators will use the token to train and process large AI datasets. Finally, $GAI will incentivize idle GPU and computing hardware to process these requests. Worldwide GPU shortages have rocked the availability of on demand cloud GPU resources, increasing the viability of decentralized alternatives.

The platform will impose a 5% tax on token buys and sells to fuel the development of the Generaitiv ecosystem and fund AI development. Some of these funds will also grow the $GAI Liquidity Pool, driving growth and maximizing value for holders.

Lastly, Generaitiv increases the benefits for digital communities using its custom AI bots and $GAI token. The platform has implemented a subscription system for communities to create interactive bots and engage with their members.

About Generaitiv

Since February 2023, Generaitiv has been the top product to create and list AI art. Generaitiv aims to revolutionize AI through open-source models and decentralized networks. Its mission is to create art and help build the future of fair AI in an increasingly competitive environment. The team believes AI should be free and open source. Therefore, all the images generated through its bots are CC0 (Creative Commons). The platform encourages users to commercialize, print, or sell these images to benefit their communities. On the other hand, all the images generated via Generaitiv Custom AI bots remain private unless the users decide to list them for sale.

The Generaitiv Custom AI Bots are available directly through Generaitiv and Generaitiv Partner Creators. Those interested in learning more about Generaitiv can join the platform’s Telegram channel or visit these links:  Website | X (Twitter) | Discord

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