An Introduction to Save Earth Mission’s Most Unique Ecosystem

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 15th Nov 2023 – In a monumental stride towards environmental sustainability, Save Earth Mission’s asset, Yes Coin, is forging a path that redefines the concept of a rewarding ecosystem. Yes Coin is not just an asset; it’s a key component of the world’s largest environmental mission, Save Earth Mission, with a bold objective to achieve global carbon neutrality by 2040.

Introduction & Tokenomics:

Yes Coin stands as the backbone of the world’s biggest community-driven ecosystem. With a target to make the world carbon-neutral, this asset is intricately tied to Save Earth Mission’s overarching goal. The tokenomics of Yes Coin reflect a strategic allocation aimed at promoting community engagement, sustainability, and a global shift towards eco-conscious practices.

Community Climate Airdrop (Free Coins):

A groundbreaking initiative, the Community Climate Airdrop allocates a significant 63% of the token supply. This airdrop invites individuals to participate in tasks contributing to the mission’s objectives. Completing allocated tasks ensures eligibility for getting absolutely free of cost coins through the airdrop campaign, promoting engagement and environmental consciousness. Yes Coin, backed by a thriving community of 10 million, plans to reach a billion community members within the next three years.

Existing Community Rewards:

Recognizing the importance of its existing community, Yes Coin allocates 18% of its supply for rewarding loyal members. Through a unique rewards program offering 9x returns, the existing community becomes an integral part of the mission’s success. Various tasks are introduced regularly, providing instant rewards and fostering a sense of active participation.

Mission Task Rewards & Sustainable Development:

A forward-looking approach is evident in Yes Coin’s commitment to environmental tasks. 10% of the token supply is reserved for mission task rewards, encouraging a clean climate drive until 2040. Additionally, 2% is dedicated to sustainable development and food security, allowing community-driven decisions through a DAO system.

Advisor’s Equity:

Yes Coin recognizes the value of expertise in achieving its mission. The onboarding of advisors is coupled with a strategic allocation of 1% equity, released monthly over a five-year period. This rewards system encourages contributions from individuals aligned with the mission’s industry-specific goals. Notably, just the same 1% of the total equity is reserved for the founders, senior management, and thousands of project contributors also making it a first of it’s kind project.

Climate Emergency Charity & Mission Team Fund:

The project allocates 1% each for climate emergency charity and the mission team fund. These dedicated funds address urgent environmental situations and boost the morale of the dedicated team working towards the ambitious goal of a carbon-neutral world by 2040.

APY Rewards:

Maximizing potential returns and creating an additional revenue source, Yes Coin allocates 1% for APY rewards. Stacking Yes Coin brings a fixed 12% annual growth, offering participants an attractive incentive for their involvement.

Revenue Streams & Market Potential:

Yes Coin taps into various revenue streams aligned with the growing markets of clean climate, financial services, electric vehicles, carbon credits, sustainable development, and climate education. With markets worth trillions of dollars, the project positions itself as a key player in reshaping these industries.

Burning Mechanism & Future Events:

Save Earth Mission’s innovative Department of Burning ensures a sustainable token model. Monthly, quarterly, and yearly burning events are scheduled, where a percentage of profits from ecosystem businesses will be burned. The first burning event is set for December 31, 2023.

Save Earth Mission’s asset, Yes Coin, is not just a digital asset; it’s a catalyst for environmental change. With its groundbreaking tokenomics, community-driven approach, and strategic vision, Yes Coin creates history by developing the world’s most rewarding ecosystem, setting a precedent for projects with a purpose. As the world grapples with climate-related challenges, Yes Coin stands as a beacon, demonstrating that impactful change is achievable through innovative and community-centric initiatives.


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