Revolutionary Antiviral Drug May Signal the End of Mask Mandates

United States, 3rd Oct 2023, King NewsWireAs COVID-19 hospitalization rates soar once again, it is evident that the virus is staging a comeback. In response, there has been talk of reinstating mask mandates by politicians. However, since the removal of previous mask mandates, much has changed. Vaccines, once seen as a silver bullet, are proving less effective against new variants. Additionally, the available antiviral medications are losing their potency as the virus develops resistance. For most Americans, protection is limited unless they turn to dietary supplements like Tollovid or off-label drugs such as Ivermectin.

A ray of hope shines with the introduction of a groundbreaking broad-spectrum antiviral developed by Bioxytran. This antiviral, which achieved a remarkable 100% response rate in preliminary clinical trials in India, is now set to make its debut in the United States. If successful, it could potentially bring an end to mask mandates permanently.

The race to end the COVID-19 pandemic is on, with a small but innovative biotech company, Bioxytran, leading the charge. This oral antiviral, recently granted Investigational New Drug (IND) status in the United States, has the potential to be a game-changer. Boasting activity against not only SARS-CoV-2 but also influenza and RSV, it represents a new era of broad-spectrum antiviral medication. Unlike traditional antivirals, Bioxytran’s approach prevents viruses from entering cells rather than inhibiting replication.

The potential of this revolutionary antiviral is generating excitement among experts in the field. It is viewed as a critical step toward controlling the spread of COVID-19 and, possibly, ending the need for mask mandates.

Mask mandates have been a contentious issue throughout the pandemic. This debate has arisen from the conflicting ideas of personal freedom versus societal responsibility. Many believe masks are ineffective, especially the standard surgical masks. However, the N95 respirators used in healthcare settings have proven effective. The root problem leading to the debate is the failure of other strategies to control the virus. Lockdowns, contact tracing, ventilation, vaccines, and even masks have all faced criticism for their limitations.

The emergence of drugs like Ivermectin and dietary supplements like Tollovid has added another layer to the debate. These treatments have shown potential not only in treating the disease but also in preventing it. While these remedies are related to Paxlovid, a 3CL protease inhibitor, Tollovid stands out due to its unique mechanism, making it effective against evolving variants.

Bioxytran’s antiviral, ProLectin-M, presents an exciting opportunity to finally resolve the mask debate. In clinical trials, it achieved a 100% response rate in eliminating COVID-19, a milestone rarely seen in the history of drug development. ProLectin-M is cost-effective to produce, with ample raw materials available. However, funding for trials is currently a challenge, partly due to the prevailing narrative around vaccines.

For more information and updates, visit Bioxytran’s website.

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