Monsterra NFT Game’s 1st Anniversary: A Year of Tremendous Growth and Exciting Future Plans

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In just one year, Monsterra – the multi-chain NFT Game powered by CrescentShine Studio (CSS) has taken the web3 gaming world by storm, captivating nearly 500K players worldwide. The team has achieved outstanding traction, raising an impressive $2.5M from renowned investors like Hashed, Huobi Ventures, Shima Capital, Salad Ventures, and Icetea Labs. The game boasts a thriving community with 300K followers and community members, a staggering 25K daily active users (DAU), and an astonishing 100M Matches completed. Not to mention, 20.9K boxes have been sold out in the explosive INOs sale, demonstrating the game’s immense popularity.

A Year of Milestones: Past Achievements

The past one year has been marked by development, collaboration, innovation, and a shared vision of building a revolutionary gaming space. Monsterra NFT Game has gone from strength to strength, achieving remarkable milestones that have solidified its position as a leading web3 gaming sensation. Here’s a glimpse of the highlights:

Q3/2022: The Journey Begins – Testnet BattleFront release, successful IDO, PancakeSwap & MEXC listings, Mainnet Launching Adventure, Mid-Autumn Event, DAO Treasury, Battle v2, and Boss Challenge.

Q4/2022: Thrilling Halloween and Beyond – Game v3: Boss Challenge, Halloween Event, Android mobile version, Celest & Chaos Races, Guild: Clan Manager, New DEX & CEX listings, Dual-chain compatibility.

Q1/2023: Scaling New Heights – Auction: Bid to earn, Multichain compatibility, iOS mobile version, Legendary Mongens, Legend Isla, Boss Challenge Event Series, Booming events on OKTC & AVAX.

Q2/2023: Evolution and Expansion – Runeworld, Battle: Arena, Monswallet, Guild: Clan Quest, Dungeon, and Stronghold, Boss Challenge Event Series, Multi-language support, MonsTV engagement.

Q3/2023: The Thrill Intensifies – Guild: Clan World map & World war, continued Boss Challenge events, MonsHub: Hybrid Gaming Hub, MonsTV: Watch to earn, New DEX & CEX listings.

Monsterra NFT Game’s journey has been one of immense growth and excitement. Each quarter brought new features, challenges, and opportunities, solidifying its position as a leading web3 gaming sensation. Our team has been so proud and honored to take a look back at how we conquered our challenges and secured our well-earned successes for the last 12 months.

#Monsterra1 Tournament: The Ultimate Showdown

In this first year’s birthday celebration, Monsterra is eager to reflect on our journey so far and wants to praise the togetherness spirit as we deeply believe in unity and the power of collective action. Going along with that core credo, Monsterra has decided to run a spectacular Birthday Tournament in which the community will not enter the battle alone but in Clan formation — different united groups of like-minded gaming fellows.

Hosted by Monsterra and co-hosted by CrescentShine Studio, this Tournament promises a up to 50,000 USDT reward pool alongside exclusive NFTs and is a good chance for players to showcase their strategic gaming skills! The Monsterra1 Tournament pits clans against each other in competitive, challenging, and thrilling battles. The event will be promoted extensively through in-game advertising, mail notifications, massive media coverage, and community growth initiatives.

The Grand Birthday Party will commence in the Monsterra special Multiverse filled with exciting satellite activities leaving everyone buzzing with joy. Players will be able to explore breathtaking 5 planets brimming with secrets and treasures to collect shining stars as you traverse through the diverse ecosystems, and the rewards are beyond any wildest dreams.

💫 P. Mystic: Warm up with exciting social missions

🏆 P. Beast: Up to 50K $USDT Tournament with epic Clans battle HERE

🎨 P. Celest: Co-host tasks with valuable partners

⚙ P. Tectos: Complete gaming missions for another star

🎡 P. Chaos: Spin the Wheel for fabulous prizes


Event Duration: 22 August – 21 September, 2023. Amidst the resounding endorsement of esteemed VCs and collaborators, our excitement soars even higher as we revel in the fervent engagement of powerhouses like CrescentShine Studio, Aura Network, and Meta Apes, igniting our special event with an electrifying energy that knows no bounds!

If you’re a Monsterra player or supporter, definitely don’t miss out on this explosive birthday event. It’s a golden opportunity to connect with fellow players, win some cool prizes, and celebrate its landmark milestone. And if you’re not yet a Monsterra family member, now is a great time to check it out and see what all the buzz is about at

Looking Forward: A Bright Future for Monsterra

CrescentShine Studio has exciting plans in store for Monsterra NFT Game. Q4 of 2023 will see the launch of MonsTV: Livestreaming, Tournament & Championship events, and the much-anticipated Boss Challenge Event Series. The introduction of the Desktop app version will enhance players’ experiences. In 2024, the Monsterra Universe Expansion will unveil a whole new journey for Monsterra lovers, while MSTR Universe Expansion will usher in a new era for MSTR holders.

About CrescentShine Studio: Revolutionizing the World of Web3 Gaming

CrescentShine Studio is the driving force behind Monsterra NFT Game, providing players with a seamless and addictive gaming experience. With a comprehensive suite of products that encompass game production, development, and distribution, CrescentShine is at the forefront of innovation in the web3 gaming ecosystem. Join CrescentShine today and embark on an extraordinary journey through the exciting world of web3 gaming!

About Monsterra NFT Game

Monsterra is the #1 multi-chain NFT Game with free-to-play-and-earn mechanism developed by CrescentShine Studio, offering gamers an unparalleled and immersive gaming experience. The game has garnered immense popularity and has achieved a record-breaking milestone of 100,000 downloads within just one month of its launch.

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