Matrixnetwork Announces Solutions to Recover and Chargeback Crypto Asset

Fighting CryptoRom Bitcoin Swindlers and Offering Solutions to Recover and Chargeback BTC and Investment Fraud

New York, NY, May 29, 2023 – (SEAPRWire) – Matrixnetwork, a fraud investigative agency with a goal to provide premium services to all, is proud to announce their solutions to recover and chargeback crypto asset for their users. If someone is a crypto enthusiast, he will understand the risks associated with scams and fraud in the digital asset space. They may ask questions like “How to get your money back from online investment scam? How to recover for Bitcoin scam or crypto chargeback“.

This guide aims to educate users about various types of scams, including crypto romance scams, forex scams, binary options scams, liquidity mining scams, and mining scams. They will also provide solutions to help users recover stolen Bitcoin (BTC) and combat investment fraud.

Understanding Different Types of Scams:

Crypto Romance Scams: Crypto romance scams involve fraudsters posing as potential romantic partners online, targeting individuals seeking relationships in the crypto community. These scammers manipulate victims emotionally, gain their trust, and then convince them to send Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies as a sign of commitment. Unfortunately, the promised relationship never materializes, and the victims lose their funds.

Forex Scams: Forex scams typically involve fraudulent brokers or investment firms that promise substantial profits through trading in the foreign exchange market. They often employ misleading marketing tactics, manipulate trading results, or engage in unauthorized trading on behalf of clients, resulting in significant financial losses.

Binary Options Scams: Binary options scams lure investors with the promise of high returns by speculating on the price movements of various assets. Fraudulent binary options platforms manipulate the trading software, refuse withdrawals, or use aggressive sales tactics to convince individuals to deposit funds. In most cases, investors end up losing their entire investment.

Liquidity Mining Scams: Liquidity mining scams exploit the popularity of decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms. Scammers create fake projects or tokens and entice investors to provide liquidity by offering high returns. Once funds are deposited, scammers either disappear or manipulate the platform, causing investors to lose their assets.

Mining Scams: Mining scams involve fraudulent schemes that promise high returns through cryptocurrency mining investments. Scammers attract investors by claiming to have advanced mining equipment or offering unrealistic mining profits. However, victims either receive no mining rewards or discover that the operation was a complete hoax.

Offering Solutions to Recover Stolen BTC and Combat Investment Fraud:


  1. Conduct Due Diligence:

Before engaging in any investment opportunity or relationship involving cryptocurrencies, thoroughly research the individuals, platforms, or projects involved. Verify their credentials, check for online reviews or testimonials, and assess their reputation within the crypto community.

  1. Report Scams to Authorities:

If users have fallen victim to any type of crypto scam or investment fraud, report the incident to users’ local law enforcement agency. Provide them with all relevant information, including transaction details, communication records, and any supporting evidence.

  1. Seek Legal Assistance:

Consult with an attorney experienced in cryptocurrency and investment fraud cases. They can guide users through the legal process, explore options for recovering users’ stolen funds, and potentially assist with initiating chargeback procedures.

  1. Use Chargeback Services: is a reputable company specializing in chargeback services for crypto-related scams. They can assist users in recovering stolen Bitcoin and other funds by leveraging their expertise and industry connections. Contact for professional assistance in initiating the chargeback process.

  1. Conclusion:

Fighting crypto romance scams, investment fraud, and various other crypto-related scams is crucial to protecting users’ assets and maintaining the integrity of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. By staying informed about different types of scams, conducting due diligence, reporting incidents to authorities, seeking legal assistance, and utilizing professional chargeback services like, users can increase users’ chances of recovering stolen Bitcoin and holding fraudsters accountable. Stay vigilant, educate others about these scams, and contribute to a safer crypto environment.

About Matrixnetwork

Matrixnetwork is foremost a fraud investigative agency with a goal to provide premium services to all. Team work has been the bedrock of their many successes over time. They possess a team of experienced and well trained experts who are backed by their legal unit responsible for delineating legal boundaries and their black hat department who penetrate and breach the toughest defense systems and also defend against fraudsters and intrusions.

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