FlyFin Announces Free Itemized Tax Deduction Wizard For Self-Employed and Freelancers

San Jose, CA, United States, 25th Oct 2022, King NewsWire – FlyFin, a human plus A.I.-powered tax prep and tax filing service, enhanced its tax resource center by unveiling the first Itemized Tax Deduction Wizard for freelancers and the self-employed. FlyFin’s new Itemized Tax Deduction Wizard works with a person answering a few key questions, after which […]

Analysis of the future development trend of advertising machine industry

Future trends of advertising machine business by ROGTAZR Advertisement placement London, United Kingdom, 25th Oct 2022 – The mission of the advertising machine at the beginning of its birth is to change the passive mode of advertising and attract customers to actively browse the advertisement through an interactive way. The development direction of advertising machine has […]

Analysis of advertising machine for the choice of placement location.

Advertisement placement location for high traffic by ROGTAZR Advertisement placement  London, United Kingdom, 25th Oct 2022,  Advertising machine is a new generation of intelligent equipment, which constitutes a complete advertising broadcasting and control system through terminal software control, network information transmission and multimedia terminal display, and carries out advertising through multimedia materials such as pictures, texts, […]

The DITP returns to the American Film Market with eight leading Thai companies. Revenue is projected at over 13m USD.

Bangkok, Thailand, 25th Oct 2022,  The Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), Ministry of Commerce will attend the American Film Market 2022 or AFM in Santa Monica – the largest trade event for the film industry in the USA. The DITP will support eight leading representatives of the Thai film industry through a matchmaking program […]

Eight criteria for outdoor advertising machine production

Advertising machines criteria for outdoor using by ROGTAZR Advertisement placement London, United Kingdom, 25th Oct 2022 – Outdoor advertising machine can be irrelevant to the climate and can display your information outdoors, bringing good visual and auditory enjoyment to the outdoor information dissemination. It has been widely used in places including bus stops, squares, parks, museums […]

Ochocriterios para la producción de máquinas de publicidad al aire libre

Criterios de máquinas de publicidad al aire libre utilizandoporROGTAZR Colocación de anuncios La máquina de publicidad al aire libre puede ser irrelevante para elclima y puedemostrarsuinformación al aire libre, aportando un buendisfrute visual y auditivo a la difusión de información al aire libre. Se ha utilizadoampliamenteenlugarescomoparadas de autobús, plazas, parques, museos y clubes de ocio, […]

What is an advertising machine?

Introduction of advertising machines ROGTAZR Advertisement placement London, United Kingdom, 25th Oct 2022, Advertising machine, also known as digital signage, also known as public information display, allows users to present messages and data in a variety of formats through the network, integrated in a single screen and sent to output devices such as digital displays, replacing […]

Análisis de la tendencia de desarrollofuturo de la industria de máquinaspublicitarias

Tendenciasfuturas del negocio de máquinas de publicidadpor ROGTAZR Colocación de anuncios La misión de la máquina de publicidad al principio de sunacimiento es cambiarel modo pasivo de la publicidad y atraer a losclientes a navegaractivamenteporelanuncio a través de una forma interactiva. La dirección de desarrollo de la máquina de publicidad ha continuadoestamisión: interaccióninteligente, serviciopúblico, interacción […]

How to make the LCD display advertising machine more attractive?

Tips how to make advertisement display more attractive by ROGTAZR Advertisement placement London, United Kingdom, 25th Oct 2022 – The multimedia information distribution system of advertising machine integrates the diversity and vividness of multimedia video information, realizes the remote centralized management of information distribution and content update at any time, so that the audience can […]

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