In new the travel industry advertisement, Iceland taunts Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse desires

An Iceland the travel industry body on Thursday delivered a special video of the nation straightforwardly satirizing Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

In the video a Zuckerberg carbon copy named “Zack Mossbergsson” makes fun of the unnaturalness of Zuckerberg’s declaration toward the end of last month that Facebook was changing its name to Meta. “Hi and welcome to this extremely normal setting,” the moderator says.

“Today I need to discuss a progressive way to deal with interface our reality without being really strange,” he adds.

Another advertising effort for Icelandic the travel industry trains in on Facebook organizer Mark Zuckerberg, taunting his new video declaration of his organization’s name change to Meta.

The video, delivered by Inspired by Iceland, a public-private substance that advances Iceland and its items, included a Zuckerberg copy named “Zack Mossbergsson” and distinguished as Iceland’s central visionary official.

All through the spoof, Mossbergsson makes fun of Zuckerberg’s notorious firmness.

The Zuckerberg-the same then, at that point, proceeds to present the “Icelandverse,” an unmistakable satire of Zuckerberg’s metaverse desires.

The video was created by Inspired by Iceland, a public-private substance that advances Iceland and its items.

The word metaverse is a term acquired from sci-fi, and alludes to a future form of the web that individuals access through virtual and expanded reality. Zuckerberg said during the rebrand declaration last month he needs Meta to be “metaverse first, not Facebook first.”

“Hi and welcome to this extremely normal setting,” Mossbergsson deadpans to the camera.

“Today I need to discuss a progressive way to deal with interface our reality without being really strange.”

“Some said it’s impractical. Some said it’s far off. To them, we say it’s as of now here. Truly. See, it’s here,” he adds while motioning out the window to a snow-shrouded Icelandic scene.

Mossbergsson proceeds to present the “Icelandverse,” which is, as he portrays it, “upgraded genuine reality without senseless looking headsets,” an unmistakable burrow at Zuckerberg’s aspirations for a purported metaverse augmented reality world.

“The Icelandverse is not normal for some other open-world involvement in ‘- stanza’ in name, since it’s genuine. Additionally, you needn’t bother with an entertaining looking VR headset,” the inscription to the video on YouTube peruses.

Zuckerberg reacted to the video on Facebook, accepting it.

“Astonishing. I really want to make an excursion to the Icelandverse soon. Happy you’re wearing sunscreen as well,” he said, alluding to one scene in the video in which Mossbergsson’s face is covered in sunscreen, mirroring a humiliating episode for Zuckerberg last year.

The moderator in the Iceland advertisement portrays the Icelandverse as “improved genuine reality without senseless looking headsets.”

The video additionally satirize a second from Zuckerberg’s own life, with the moderator at one point spreading blue mud all around his face in an evident reference to when Zuckerberg was shot an extended get-away wearing a veil of sunscreen.

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